Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Blog!!!!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no see! I know, I haven't blogged in ages, sorry!!!!

This blog, All the Little Moments, kind of started to become a mess. I changed the name of it (which didn't, for some reason, change the name in a lot of places, so it had two names... kind of... see, I said it was a mess) and I kept taking breaks and then thinking that nobody read the blog anymore because of the breaks and so on and so forth. It was/is messy and I decided to start over with a new blog and since I'm not on facebook anymore I will be keeping my blog more updated for those interested!

Sooooo.... if there anybody still out there (again sorry!!!!) check out my NEW blog at

I just finished setting it up! I have a few changes here and there that need to be done but I hope that you will check it out and follow me over there!

Love ya!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Cake

Last night I had a Pampered Chef party at my place and I decided to make a cake! Now, to be honest, I thought Easter was next Sunday not this Sunday for the longest time. Seriously. Kind of pathetic how long I thought this. Hence why I scheduled my party for last night because when I scheduled it I thought 'oh I don't want to do it the Thursday before Easter because people will be busy and nobody will come, so let's do it the 21st...' but the 21st (last night) was the Thursday before Easter and everybody was busy so hardly anybody came! Lol! Oh my brain... it's a work in progress! Oh, and also, this is why we're not going to have any of the super good Easter candy in our baskets because I got to the store too late to get any... bummer!



So, since it was so close to Easter I made an Easter cake (I even colored the inside to make it festive, there were blue, green, pink and yellow layers! But, you can't see it here of course =D ).

So ya'll have a great Easter this Sunday!!!

Easter Eggs

On Wednesday night we colored Easter eggs!!! Gabriel was beyond excited. He loves to help me cook eggs normally and will just stand their holding the eggs until I need to put them in the pan or whatever recipe I'm making. So for him to get to color eggs was very special. Last year he was a little too young to enjoy coloring Easter eggs but this year he was literally jumping up and down (much to the dismay I'm sure of our downstairs neighbor) with excitement!

Very, very excited!

Even Eli was excited!

Oh how long can it really take to boil a big pot of eggs?

Then we got to start the whole process...
Yes, Gabriel wanted to make sure his milk was in the picture :) Every time I moved it out of the way he put it right back!

Eli hung out in his high chair and ate cheddar goldfish the whole time :)

Makin' eggs just makin' eggs...

And the finished project?

And all Eli wanted to do was eat the eggs which Gabriel thought extremely hilarious and kept trying to take them away from little Eli...

Now I can't wait to see their faces when they find their Easter baskets!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Otiki Otiki Aye

Back when Josh and I lived in South Korea we used to make fun of their commercials a lot. Seriously, go you tube Korean commercials and you will probably understand why. This particular commercial drove Josh nuts, just because of the girl and the way she talked... and because I used to mimic her which made it so much more annoying :)

In the commercial the girl says something along the lines of 'otiki otiki aye' which when I asked a Korean what it meant they told me it's like saying 'oh no! what should I do?' But it's come a little joke that we say it to each other when the other is whining about something.

So. Yesterday Gabriel peed in his underwear twice in twenty minutes and the second time I was slightly annoyed because Eli was crying in his high chair and I was trying to clean up Gabriel while he wasn't really holding still. I sighed and said something along the lines of 'Gabriel you need to stop doing this, you pee in the potty, not in your underwear.' His response under his breathe? "Otiki otiki eye, otiki otiki eye...."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally get to run outside!

Josh and I have been getting into running lately. Josh more so then I (he's going to run Grandma's Marathon! The WHOLE DANG THING!) but I still enjoy it. Problem is, running on the treadmill drives me nuts. I do it, but it drives me insane. I would much prefer to run outside. Now that the weather is finally getting slightly warmer here in Minnesota running outside is finally an option.

We got a single jogging stroller last year at a garage sale. It was only $20 and in pretty good shape. But now we needed a double, or another single as long as Josh and I went together. So i've been keeping an eye out on craigslist for strollers but finding nothing.

So the other day I was walking back from the post office and I decided to stop at a little store by our apartment building called Lots for Tots and I came across a very nice double jogging stroller. I was super excited about it! I got it for an amazing deal. Amazing.

Now we can finally run outside and get off the dreaded treadmill!!!

Can you tell which of my children hates getting their picture taken and which turns into a complete ham when the camera is pointed anywhere near his directions?

Yeah... it's pretty hard to tell who is who...  ;P